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MidjourneyPrompt 指令
a hyper-realistic highly detailed photograph by Richard Avedon, a Japanese bonsai garden at the center of the outdoor exhibition space, surrounded by wooden benches and tables inside glass walls that lead to open terraces with blue skies. Small stones and green plants are placed on top of the bonsai. The entire scene is captured from the outside through a large window that overlooks another part of some building with concrete walls and gray metal frames, with Mt.Fuji in the background in an atmospheric perspective haze. In the middle of this Japanese bonsai garden is a young Caucasian woman with pink-peach hair with a pearl effect, she has an expression of happiness and emotion and raises her right hand up, showing a Latin V with her fingers, she is dressed in an industrial-urban ninja outfit in blue and yellow tones, photo taken from the front, camera slightly lowered, natural midday light, light colors, canon r1 shot, sigma art lens, leica bright colors --ar 9:16 --s 750

中文大意:理查德·阿维登(Richard Avedon)拍摄的一张超现实、高度详细的照片,这是一座日本盆栽花园,位于室外展览空间的中心,周围是玻璃墙内的木凳和桌子,通向蓝天的开放露台。盆栽顶部放置着小石头和绿色植物。整个场景是通过一扇大窗户从外面拍摄的,窗户可以俯瞰一些具有混凝土墙和灰色金属框架的建筑的另一部分,背景是富士山,大气透视雾中。在这个日本盆栽花园的中央,是一位年轻的白人女子,留着珍珠般的粉红色头发,她表情幸福和情感,举起右手,手指露出拉丁V,她穿着蓝黄色调的工业城市忍者服装,照片从正面拍摄,相机稍微降低,自然正午光线,浅色,佳能r1镜头,西格玛艺术镜头,莱卡鲜艳色彩 --ar 9:16 --s 750