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MidjourneyPrompt 指令
The abandoned cruise ship was covered in flowers and ivy, lying on the edge of a cliff covered in green grass and flowers. There was a large waterfall on the edge of the cliff, surrounded by dense forests. This photo was taken using a drone and displays its full body and bird's-eye view. It has been abandoned for many years. This scene captures the mysterious beauty of nature, blending elements of fantasy and reality in a natural style --style raw --ar 2:3 --s 250

中文大意:这艘废弃的游轮上长满了鲜花和常春藤,躺在长满青草和鲜花的悬崖边缘。悬崖边缘有一个大瀑布,周围是茂密的森林。这张照片是使用无人机拍摄的,显示了其全身和鸟瞰图。它已经被废弃多年了。这一场景捕捉到了大自然的神秘之美,以自然的风格融合了幻想与现实的元素 - -原始风格 - -ar 2:3 - -s 250