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MidjourneyPrompt 指令
A orange train is driving on the tracks with flowers in the background, in front of it stands a bridge over which there is a clear blue sea under a beautiful sunset, with a focus on the face, surrounded by blooming cherry blossoms and vibrant greenery under a clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds, in the style if anime, highest quality --ar 9:16

中文大意:橙色的火车是行驶在轨道上与鲜花作为背景,在它的前面站着一座桥,上面有一个明确的蓝色海洋在美丽的日落下,重点在脸,周围是盛开的樱花和充满活力的绿色植物在一个明确的蓝天下与蓬松的白云,在风格如果动画,最高质量-ar 9:16