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MidjourneyPrompt 指令
full body image with from head to feet of a powerful and confident woman named Angelina, inspired by a fictional story. She is 35 years old but looks like 25, with long, dark brown hair tied back in a ponytail, and deep brown eyes. Her face features high cheekbones, giving her a model-like appearance. She is wearing a combat outfit consisting of tight black pants, a tight black T-shirt that highlights her toned abs and slender but muscular arms, and knee-high black leather boots with sharp four-inch stiletto heels. Complement the outfit with black leather gloves and a mask partially covering her face. The style should be powerful, elegant, and ready for combat, with a sense of mystery and determination --style raw --s 750 --ar 1:2

中文大意:全身的形象从头到脚一个强大和自信的女人叫安吉丽娜,灵感来自一个虚构的故事。她今年35岁,但看起来像25岁,长的深棕色头发扎在后面,深棕色的眼睛。她的面部特征是高颧骨,给她一个模特的外观。她穿着一套战斗服,包括紧身黑色裤子,一件紧身黑色T恤,突出了她的健美腹肌和修长但肌肉发达的手臂,以及膝高的黑色皮靴,与尖锐的四英寸细高跟鞋。用黑色皮手套和部分遮住脸的面具来补充这套衣服。风格应该是有力的,优雅的,并准备战斗,有一种神秘和决心的感觉——风格raw——s750——ar 1:2