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MidjourneyPrompt 指令
Two chubby, cute cats sleeping on a bed with white sheets and a white comforter. Two cute orange baby cat models. Dressed in white short sleeves and blue pajamas. One of them is reading with a storybook. These two cats have round eyes and their fluffy fur is even more adorable. Photographed on a white background with soft lighting and from above. Close-up photography. --ar 2:3

中文大意:两只胖胖的可爱的猫睡在一张铺着白色床单和白色被子的床上。两个可爱的橙色小猫模型。穿着白色短袖蓝色睡衣。其中一个人正在读故事书。这两只猫有着圆圆的眼睛,毛茸茸的毛更是可爱。拍摄在白色背景与柔和的照明和从上面。特写摄影——ar 2:3