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MidjourneyPrompt 指令
The giant bougainvillea tree in front of the house is full and purple, with many flowers blooming on it like colorful clouds. The shape resembles an oversized round ball that covers part of two houses next to each other. There's also some tables and chairs under its shade where people can sit down for food or drinks., many flower petals on the courtyard, clean background, high resolution photography --ar 2:3 --s 250

中文大意:屋前那棵巨大的三角梅树饱满而紫色,上面开满了许多花,像是五颜六色的云彩。形状类似于一个超大的圆球,覆盖了相邻的两个房子的一部分。树荫下还有一些桌椅,人们可以坐下来吃东西喝。庭院上有许多花瓣,干净的背景,高分辨率摄影——ar 2:3——s250