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MidjourneyPrompt 指令
Cute little mouse, made of glass material with glowing patterns on its body, in silver and blue colors, standing upright against a dark background. The style is cute cartoon realism, with soft lighting, clear details, and a closeup perspective. It has an extremely delicate texture, with high definition resolution, full of vitality, in the style of. --ar 9:16

中文大意:可爱的小老鼠,由玻璃材料制成,身上有发光的图案,有银色和蓝色,在黑暗的背景下笔直地站着。风格是可爱的卡通现实主义,灯光柔和,细节清晰,视角特写。它有着极其细腻的质感,具有高清晰度的分辨率,充满活力,在风格上。 --林前9:16